Our desalination systems use proven technology and components that have been demonstrated in the field for decades. Our equipment is simple to maintain offshore and operates reliably with little attention. When measured by the cost of water produced (pennies per gallon), C'treat builds the most economical desalination systems available.

C'treat's Customer Service personnel maintain routine, proactive after-sale contact to support our customers. Offshore Service Technicians provide training for offshore personnel, problem-solving, maintenance and repair assistance. This support is available domestically from factory-trained technicians, along with stocks of OEM parts and consumables.


Many of our customers have operated C'treat watermakers for more than 20 years and attest to the reliability of the equipment and the support provided to their offshore sites. Many of our installations have been in continuous operation since 1982.

The cost of fresh water is always a concern offshore, both in remote locations and where it is possible to supply water by boat. C'treat's innovations in design and technology have been bringing down these costs year by year.


Innovative Technology
Over three decades of innovative engineering, technology development and field testing have been directed toward reducing the total costs of seawater desalination for the offshore oil and gas industry. This sustained work has resulted in proven equipment that provides reliable, high-efficiency production of fresh water using reverse osmosis membranes. Our simplified, chemical-free process is achieved through appropriate design. C'treat's equipment is supported through its commitment to making consumables, spare parts, and technical service readily available to its global customers.