C'treat builds a complete range of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) watermakers to meet the wide variety of demands of the offshore drilling and production industry. Each packaged system is designed and built for simple operation and ease of maintenance. Many special system components have been developed and optimized for use in the offshore environment. C'treat can build your watermaker inside an integrated container.

C'treat watermakers have been built to produce many kinds of water.
- Potable
- Boiler Feed
- Turbine Wash
- Battery top-up
- Oil desalting
- Well Injection

C'treat ultraviolet treatment systems are specifically designed for the demands the offshore energy sector. C'treat uses Wedeco-ITT technology for the disinfection process; type 316L stainless steel UV chambers, passivated and electropolished; Type XLR low pressure, high intensity UV lamps; and a state-of-the-art electronic "smart" ballast and microprocessor control system allowing substantial safety and warning features through a digital display and LED indicator lamps. The controls can be housed in a NEC 7/4X (or IEC EEd) enclosure and the lamp cable and UV vessel connections can utilize special flexible conduits and couplings designed for hazardous areas.

All components are rigidly mounted to a single, rugged, welded-steel frame, sandblasted and finished to offshore painting specifications.

C'treat pumping stations and pressure sets utilize Goulds – ITT pumps. They are unique since they are built to standards demanded by the offshore industry.

Turbine Wash

Requirements for high-quality water for many purposes, including turbine washing, are met with C'treat brackish water R.O. watermakers, specifically designed for project requirements.


Potable water storage tanks, complete with level instrumentation, are provided on single-point list frames for ease of handling and for a quick installation.

Complete System Packages

C'treat can provide more than one offering on a single skid (or frame), fully piped and tested. Offerings can include RO watermaker, UV disinfection, turbine wash, pressure set, storage and/or hot water heater.